5 Reasons to CHoose Corain Counter Tops

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Just some helpful tips about counter tops from Holloway Home Group to you! When deciding to choose Corain counter tops or a different kind think about these 5 things. There is a very wide range of colors to choose from. That is always great because we all like to match when it comes to decorating. They are smooth and easy to wipe up. Got a big mess.. just wipe and go and you’re done. How easy! The best quality about these Corain counter tops though is that they do not grow bacteria or mold like most counter tops do after a few years of cooking and washing. Safety is very important when it comes to our health and the health of our little ones. Also you do not have to seal these, you just get them put on and you are good to go! There is very low maintenance on them beacause they are just so easy. Lastly Corain counter tops are graded in the 90% of ratings. Do a little research or take our word for it but definitely don’t miss out on these in your home today! You can check the out at dupont.com , don’t forget to also check out Holloway Home Group if you are ready to buy OR sell!

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